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Welcome to Apostille and Translation Services! Since 2004, we have proudly offered and completed reliable apostille & translation services. Our skilled professionals ensure accurate translations of legal documents in a variety of languages. Our mobile notary services provide notary service by appointment at a time and location of your choice. Our Apostille experts specialize in meeting the requirements of each state as well as the Hague Convention / Hague Treaty and other countries alike. Trust us for reliable and efficient apostille and translation solutions. Contact us today!


Our priority is thorough document vetting, ensuring accuracy and legitimacy. With extensive checks and verifications, we guarantee reliability and integrity.

Certifying & Record Keeping

We certify documents and maintain comprehensive records. Our expertise ensures proper certification, meeting legal requirements!

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Apostille and Translation Services has been a trusted provider of notary and apostille services since 2004. With a strong presence both locally and nationwide, we have successfully serviced nearly 10,000 documents allowing transactions to be properly completed. Our dedicated team has assisted individuals from diverse backgrounds, including businesses, attorneys, immigration consultants, financial planners, students, and families. Count on us for reliable and efficient document authentication, translation, and legalization services. Experience quality service and peace of mind with us.

Services Provided

Our Services

Apostille Services

Efficient apostille services for your important documents, ensuring their international recognition and legal validity. Trust our expertise for seamless authentication.

Authentication Services

Reliable authentication services for your documents, giving them the necessary legal credibility and acceptance worldwide. Rely on our expertise for hassle-free authentication.

International Legalization Services

Comprehensive international legalization services for your documents, ensuring compliance with legal requirements across borders. Simplify the process with our expert assistance.

Translation Services

Accurate and professional translation services for your documents, bridging language barriers with precision and cultural sensitivity. Choose our skilled translators for flawless translations.

Certification Services

Trusted certification services for your documents, guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity. Our meticulous approach ensures accurate certifications for your peace of mind.

Mobile Notary Services

Wherever you require a notary public, our team is ready to be deployed. We will connect you with a qualified notary in your area. Our notary services extend to your office, home, courts, jails and detention centers, hospitals and medical facilities. We excel in providing fast and top-notch notary services. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality services to our valued clients.

High Team Work

Teamwork for Smooth Documentation: Collaborative Notary Services

At Apostille and Translation, we value teamwork and collaboration to deliver smooth notary services. Our experienced notaries work together to meet your documentation needs with efficiency and accuracy. You can count on us for seamless service.

Top Brands

Corporate Documents

We apostille Power Of Attorney, Article of Incorporation, Corporate Officer Letters.


Business Documents

Working together for business growth, expansion and international compliance.


Vital Records Documents

Specializing in Passports, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Marriage Certificates.


Legal Services

Court Document support for Divorce Papers, Judgements, Wills, Power of Attorney and more.

What We Offer

All-Inclusive Notary Services

Experience hassle-free and all-inclusive services for all your document needs. Trust our expertise for reliable and efficient translations, apostilles as well as integrated mobile notary service.

Simple and Efficient Process

At Apostille and Translation, we offer a simple and hassle-free process. We will save you time with many of our remote electronic and mobile options.

Certification Team Work

We work together for a reliable and trustworthy certification process.

Our Official PartnerS

Bringing Notary Services Together

Discover our recognized partners who complement our Apostille and Translation Services.

FedEx, DHL and our local courier services handle your completed document with guaranteed service.

Mobile Notary Services in 50 States as well as many international locations.

Certified Translators and Interpreters for Court and Medical documents when required.

Apostille and Translation Services leverages our experts by providing full-service solutions while maintaining the highest levels of knowledge and expertise.

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Working Proccess

We provide simple working process needs.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Call or Text to schedule an initial appointment and discuss your specific needs.

Step 2

Document Collection and Assessment

Upload your documents for review. We will walk you through the procedure of collecting the required paperwork.

Step 3

Apostille Process / Translation Process

Our knowledgeable staff will manage the apostille process / translation process on your part. We will ensure compliance.

Last Step

Delivery of Documents

Once the apostille process and/or translation has been completed. We will promptly coordinate delivery of original document.

Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Say About Us

I started a new job and needed a notary for the i-9 employment verification form. Did not realize what a hassle it is finding any notary that can do this.

Peter N. Orange County, CA

Christian and his knowledgeable team are outstanding. I recently needed to have some time sensitive documents reviewed and had gone to one other person.

Ciara C. CA, CA

Called Christian he answered the phone quickly. No waiting live person. He handled everything and followed up once everything was finalized with proof.

Jae C. Santa Ana, CA

I needed quotes on how much it would cost to notarize, translate, and a few other things, the gentleman that answered the phone was honest and told me more info.

Christina T. Santa Ana, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions

We seek to handle your queries and provide clarification about the procedures involved in acquiring an apostille and translating your documents for international usage. Continue reading to get insights to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Apostille Services involve the certification and validation of documents for international use, particularly for countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Translation Services encompass the accurate translation of documents from one language to another, ensuring cultural and linguistic precision.

Authentication Services involve the validation of documents by a competent authority to confirm their legitimacy and legal status. This process may be necessary for documents that require international recognition but are not eligible for an Apostille.

International Services ensure that documents are accepted and legally recognized in foreign countries. This may involve obtaining an Apostille or other necessary approvals to meet the requirements of the destination country.

Translation Services involve the skilled adaptation of documents from one language to another. This process not only includes linguistic translation but also cultural nuances and context to maintain the integrity of the message.

Certification Services encompass the verification and authentication of documents to confirm their legitimacy and accuracy. This may include the application of seals, stamps, or notarization to ensure documents meet the legal requirements for their intended use.

Navigating these services can be complex, but we offer expert guidance and assistance to streamline the process and ensure your documents are prepared accurately and efficiently for international use. Contact us to learn more and get started on your document legalization and translation journey.

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